People and the Planet
we are dedicated to aligning our sustainability goals with international standards, such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Our aim is to produce safe food, support communities, and safeguard the planet.

Our Packaging Journey

At Jaap, we are focused not only on recycling materials, but also on responsible sourcing and innovation. 75% of our suppliers are regional partners, and we work with them to continuously reduce virgin materials in our packaging to protect the planet’s resources for future generations.

Why We Don’t Use “Biodegradable & Compostable” Plastics

We get this question a lot. We’ve done thorough research and consideration. These types of plastics require commercial facilities to properly break down, and because many recycling facilities don’t have this capability these plastics often end up in the landfill taking years to degrade.

Where We Are: Reduction & Recycling

Our focus is on reducing the amount of virgin plastic in our packaging, and using materials with the highest potential of being recycled. We’re proud to say our clamshells are made from 100% post-consumer recycled #1 plastic (rPET), which is the most accepted plastic at recycling facilities in the U.S.

Our Future Outlook on Packaging

We continue to expand our recycling and composting programs for all materials, and also research alternative packaging options and seek partners that can help us – and the produce industry at large – reduce the use of plastics.


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